With its important means of production and experienced men accustomed in the art of this skill, GCB works on projects in the most remote regions of Algeria, in the most severe climatic conditions and reliefs, and carries out colossal earthworks projects.
GCB works on:

  • Large-scale earthmoving.
  • Backfilling work with selected materials from large areas.
  • Opening of ways.
  • The construction of retention dykes with selected materials.

Drilling rigs platforms and access tracks:

GCB builds drilling platforms and access tracks to hydrocarbon installations in the most remote places in Algeria, in the harshest climatic and climatic conditions.

GCB has diversified its activities and is engaged in the construction of railway civil engineering works. The achievements include the opening of the worksite area, the construction of the ways base, and the reinforced concrete structures of scuppers. Another challenge for a company turned to the future

  • Earth-moving with cut and fill,
  • Realization of the road body,
  • Sub-ballast,
  • Protection works,
  • Stations.

GCB achieved hundreds of kilometers of roads through the different regions of Algeria which enabled it to master this activity and opened the door to new horizons, GCB participated with a group of companies in the construction of the major National project East-West Highway.


  • Construction of airports civil engineering works,
  • Realization and reinforcement of runways and related structures


Realization in all trades of buildings, public facilities and industrial buildings, living bases.

GCB carries out earthworks and civil engineering of infrastructures for:

  • Seawater desalination plants,
  • Wastewater treatment plants,
  • Treatment and pumping station,
  • Large capacity tanks,
  • Water transfer through the laying of large pipes.

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