Manufacturing of the saharan cabin :

The master of the process of the Saharan cabins manufacturing allows the GCB to offer a quality product manufactured in its different building sites.

The Saharan cabins manufactured by GCB cover different types, administrations, building sites offices, refectories …).

Production of aggregates :

Production of aggregates, across all granulometries, with an annual capacity of 1.000 000 tons with 10 crushing plants across the quarries:

  • Alrar,
  • Ohanet,
  • Tiguentourine,
  • Houd El Hamra,
  • Sidi Lahdjer,
  • Hassi R’Mel,
  • Barouda,

Transport and Handling :

GCB has developed the activity of transport and handling and has equipped its park with important means of transport:

  • 34 carrier vehicles,
  • 18 semi-trailers,
  • 151 road tractors,
  • 21 crane trucks.

Which allow it to open building sites, and to be installed in best times and anywhere in Algeria.

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