The festivities of 60th anniversary of the creation of UGTA and the 45th anniversary of the nationalization of hydrocarbons


At the occasion of the double anniversary, the creation of the UGTA and the nationalization of hydrocarbons, GCB has celebrated the event on 24th February in the province of Msila.

During this double anniversary, a conference took place in the hotel Kalaa Msila, in presence of workers representatives and officials from GCB. Mr Abdelghani BENDJEBBA Chief Executive Chairman, in his intervention has called to rationalize expenses in regards of the current economic circumstances, regardless of good financial situation. For its own part, Mr Abdelkrim SELMANE, General Secretary of the National Union and President of the Committee of Participation insists on the role of all members of staff in the development of the company and the achievement of the objectives set in its strategy.