GCB’s organizational structure is composed of:

  • A strategic level supported by the General Management,
  • A level of management supported by central structures,
  • Un niveau opérationnel pris en charge par des directions régionales au
  • An operational level supported by regional directorates at South and North of the country.

The Company is organized into versatile regional structures, each of which has the material and managerial capabilities to meet the needs of GCB’s customers in its region.

These regional structures have the support of support structures in terms of transport, general, technical and financial resources according to needs while playing a regulatory role to optimize the means of the Company.

GCB has fixed infrastructures in the south and north of the country, for industrial, administrative and socio-professional purposes and are located in particular in:

  • ALGIERS (Industrial zones of El-Harrach, and Oued-Smar), Bordj el Kifane.
  • BOUMERDES (Boumerdes and Boudouaou).
  • ARZEW (Arzew Industrial Zone).
  • Hassi Messaoud – Irara – Rhourd nouss – Hassi berkine.
  • Hassi R’mel – In Salah – Adrar.
  • In Amenas – Tiguentourine – Tin Fouye Tabenkort – Alrar – Ohanet.

GCB has infrastructure and living bases on its various sites with a capacity to support more than 6,500 agents on the various project sites (studios, accommodation cabins, chalets, canteens, etc.).