Human resources

GCB employs 15 300 agents including 90% contractual divided by socio-professional categories as follows :

GCB total workforce : 15.300
Managers : 1.431 representing 9%
Control : 4.274 representing 28%
Execution : 9.595 representing 63%

GCB spends an average of 40 million dinars for the training and the improvement of its personals, especially in the in the various company core business.

Training is provided annually for about 1.000 employees in various technical and Support fields, representing 7% of the total workforce.


Material resources

GCB has a consequential park with more than 4.400 equipments including 2800 engines and heavy equipments constantly upgraded which gives to the company an important autonomy of action.


GCB has fixed infrastructures, for industrial, administrative and socio-professional use, especially implanted in :

  • Algiers (industrial areas of El-Harrach, and Oued-Smar).
  • Boumerdès (Boumerdès and Boudouaou).
  • Arzew (industrial area of Arzew).
  • Hassi-Messaoud – RhourdNouss – Nezla.
  • Hassi-R’mel- Insalah –Adrar.
  • In-Amenas –Illizi – Tin Fouyé Tabenkort –Alrar.

GCB has infrastructures and life basis in its different building sites with a capacity of reception of more than 6 500 agents in the different projects sites.( studios, Accommodation cabins, chalet, canteens …).