Welcome on the web site of GCB.

By exploiting its know-how and experience, GCB has specialized in no less than twelve segments of civil engineering: engineering and procurement, large scale earthworks, drilling platforms and access tracks, industrial civil works for large oil and gas installations, pipeline works, industrial maintenance, construction of roads and highways, construction of airstrips and aerodromes, hydraulic structures and transfers, construction and utilities, civil engineering for the railway, steel construction and boiler making.

Numerous projects carried out in Algeria are to be put to the credit of GCB, which has always been able to respond within the framework of national and international partnerships or groups as well as to the needs of national, public, or private organizations.

In a rapidly changing economic context, marked by globalization and its many changes on the one hand and a new geopolitical context, on the other hand, GCB is taking the questions relating to the new economic model delineated by the Algerian government. The latter, in the process of making national production the pillar of its new economic roadmap, intends to drastically reduce the contribution or recourse to foreigners in fields where national skills would be sufficient to develop, in particular in the EPC segment.

Concretely, this is a formula for carrying out a construction project whereby a company or a group of companies is fully responsible for engineering, procurement, and construction management.

It is, therefore, with this in mind, that GCB, as a subsidiary of Sonatrach, intends to take a course, through ambitions for the next five years, responding to the new environment by developing and broading the scope of its Engineering & Procurement capacity and transform itself into an EPC firm, with civil engineering as its core business and expertise by consolidating current skills, by diversifying its client portfolio in new markets and sectors in its core businesses, and by varying its business portfolio by integrating new niches, it aims to be a leader in this area.

Being a full-fledged “EPCist” capable of making a perfect set in project development is, of course, not within the reach of all companies active in the civil engineering sector. This is why GCB claims assets to be made known to its future clients: human competence, knowhow, and mastery of the environment, as well as the necessary background in terms of technology and resources.

Promote the national tool, develop certain business segments that have fallen under the monopoly of foreign operators and assume its role as a locomotive in the civil engineering sector in Algeria. These are the goals that GCB has set on its agenda for the years to come.

Mr BENDJEBBA Abdelghani