The national company of Civil Engineering and building with abbreviation GCB GCB is a company issued of restructuration of Sonatrach created on 1st August 1981 by the presidential decree n° 81-173 creating the national company of civil engineering and building.

Erected into a joint stock company since July 1998 with a share capital of 7 630 millions of Algerian dinars;
GCB operates in various engineering trades:

  • Engineering and procurement.
  • Mass earthworks.
  • Drilling platforms and access tracks.
  • Industrial civil engineering of major oil and gas installations.
  • Canalization works.
  • Roads and highways achievement.
  • Aerodromes and trail of landing achievement.
  • Hydraulic constructions and transfer.
  • Building and roads and utilities.
  • Railway civil engineering.
  • Metallic frames construction and boiler making.

Today, GCB evolves in an environment characterized by market searching for companies key in hand which give important opportunities in view of new politic orientations favoring national means.
The GCB ambitions for the next five years reply to the new environment by:

  • The development of the capacities of engineering and procurement to enlarge its field of activities and to be change to an EPC company.
  • Focusing on civil engineering like a basic profession and with the development of its expertise in this specialty by the consolidation of the actual competences.
  • The diversification of its client’s portfolio in new markets and sectors in its basis trades,
  • The diversification of its activities portfolio by the integration of new crenels which are translated by the following :
    • The development of the activity achievement of short diameter canalization.
    • The creation of a structure production of aggregates.
    • The development of the activity Transport and handling to take in charge the important volume of materials transport and merchandizes of the Company and to enlarge the service to Sonatrach group.
    • The fabrication of the Saharan cabin in order to equip its life basis and to satisfy the demand of the mother society Sonatrach.
  • The partnership of the quality allows it better adaptation to its environment.