Quality, Health & Security, Environement

For a continued amelioration of the performances of its system of management, in order to be at the needs of the interested parties (clients, suppliers…) and to ensure a reliable management system, which induce the amelioration of the client satisfaction of the performance in health materials, security in work and environment, GCB has certified its management system of the quality according to the norm ISO 9001 version 2008 and envisage the installation of health system and work security, certified according to the requirements of the standard OHSAS 18001 version 2007.

Quality :

Our management system of the quality certified conform to the version 2008 of the international norm ISO 9001, guides us to a step of a continued amelioration, where the present policy constitutes the commitment of the whole members of the managerial group, to mobilize all the internal energies and to deploy all the necessary efforts in order to make the director axes set out below in charge with the active participation of the personal group:

  • To be always under the client listening, understand their needs and requirements, to satisfy them and treat their eventual reclamations,
  • Reinforce our objects of amelioration and of trust of our competences by appropriated motivations and qualifying trainings by favoring the heart of the company’s business,
  • To give our work teams powerful and reliable equipment ensuring the preservation and maintenance of our equipment,
  • Perform our services in accordance with customer requirements, the normative requirements, and applicable regulatory and legal requirements, and this by respecting our firm deadline commitments,
  • Make of our motto: « no accidents, no prejudice to people and no damage to the environment », a reality shared by all by ensuring adequate working environment, protecting our workers and providing them the best conditions of health and safety.

Security :

  • Reduce the number of accidents/incidents of work.
  • Eliminate all causes of incidents or accidents.
  • Eliminate and reduce, through prevention, risks to life, health and safety of staff and security of installations and company assets.
  • Train staff in the field of security.

Environment :

  • Prevent and reduce pollution through rational management of wastes by favoring recycling and the treatment of effluents and a good collect of used oils.
  • Conserve natural resources.
  • Preserving ecosystems and species biodiversity.

Health (Occupational medecine) :

  • Promote a work environment safe and healthy by improving the conditions of labor.
  • Ensure medical coverage at work sites (doctors, nurses and ambulances).
  • Prevent and reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases.
  • Create an adequate work environment for the employees.
  • Promote information, training and education in the field of safety and health at work.