GCB ensure for its employees and their dependants the following social activities :

  • Medical coverage (Occupational Medicine).
  • Allowances of marriage, circumcision and studies.
  • Financial assistance to the deceased’s family (funeral expenses).
  • Organized trips to the holy places of Islam (Omra).
  • Organized trips abroad.
  • Family holidays in summer.
  • Thermal cures.
  • Social grants and loans.
  • Financial support for pilgrimage.
  • Gifts for GCB’s retirees.
  • Care for orphans of the GCB’s employees.
  • A training labour school for the group of Sonatrach (training CAP & CMTC in stocks management. ST in marketing, ST in tourism and hotels. ST in HRM, ST in computing and insurance…).

Parties :

GCB, faithful to its traditions, celebrates many festivities like :

  • May 1st; worker’s day.
  • February 24th, the creation of UGTA (Algerian Workers’ General Union), and the nationalization of the hydrocarbons.
  • March 8th, the world Women’s Day.

Sport and leisure :

GCB organizes cultural and sportive activities in life basis in the south, (dominoes, pétanque, chess game…), the participation in the tournaments in the company and intern Sonatrach Group and swimming for the GCB’s children.

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